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Fandom, the Universe and Everything.

Srsly. Like, this is an actual thing… that actually happened?

I mean…

EDIT: The least believable part of this story was that the photo was posted on Google+

Is it Saturday yet???


If you enjoy academic takes on fandom, here are some interesting conversations & presentations to share: http://bit.ly/QrHyzr


If you enjoy academic takes on fandom, here are some interesting conversations & presentations to share: http://bit.ly/QrHyzr

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Check out my interview with Adam Spiegelman, host of the podcast Proudly Resents.

It’s the podcast for fans of films, crazy filmmakers, funny comedians and typos. This podcast has comedian and writers recapping their favorite good/bad and cult film.  Comics like Steve Agee, Jimmy Pardo, Al Madrigal,  Chris Gore, Rob Schrab and writers from “The Daily Show,” “Colbert Report” & “Conan.”

Plus – From time to time we get interviews with the people who make them.

People like; Bobcat Goldthwait, Shadoe Stevens, Lloyd Kaufman, Tommy Wiseau from “The Room” actors from  “Troll2,” “Pluto Nash,” Uwe Boll’s films, “Dirty Love” and the founder of the Razzies.

“Proudly Resents” also had the exclusive interview with the man who claims he secretly directed the worst movie of all time, “The Room.”

Adam Spiegelman (Host/Producer) – Adam’s love for cult and good bad movies goes back to childhood when he heard that people would go to Rocky Horror Picture Show just to make fun of it. At 13, Adam lived his dream by going to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror. It was in New Jersey so in stead of a floor show, there was one guy yelling stuff. Still he was hooked.

Adam works as a TV producer. He’s  produced for shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Arsenio Hall Show, Lopez Tonight and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

When he’s not working or doing the podcast, Adam likes to spend time with his wife and write bios about himself in the third person.

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Thanks to everyone for the really nice b-day wishes. I was pleasantly surprised so many people remembered…

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My favorite new meme (that I just invented).

Create your own and share if you are so inclined.

Congrats to my fam flourish and her team at storyalchemy for the launch of their playable story app which is a sequel to the new Johnny Depp joint transcendencemovie.

DO NOT sleep on downloading this awesome experience on iOS (Android version due out next week).

Please signal boost this like your life depended on it and let me know what you think.


I’m pleased to announce the release of TRANSCENDENCE: ORIGINS for iOS!

This is a prequel app to the movie Transcendence, with Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Paul Bettany & Rebecca Hall. It’s coming out for Android in a few days. And I produced it! (With a team: Matt, Clara, Jason, Aaron, Jesse…!)


Here’s the Official Explanation of what it is:

In “Transcendence: Origins,” fans play the story of how the tech shown in Transcendence comes into existence. Players choose whether to join the anti­technology activists of R.I.F.T. (Revolutionary Independence From Technology) or help the Living Machines Lab achieve the Singularity, the capacity to transcend biology and upload minds into computers. The app invites users to reconstruct visually stunning memories and rebuild a mind. As they progress through the levels, players piece together fragments of images and sounds to figure out whose consciousness has been uploaded to form a sentient machine.

The app features Kate Mara and Xander Berkeley reprising their roles from the movie as players interact with their fellow researcher Bree (Mara) and lab director Dr. Thomas Casey (Berkeley). Is Bree trustworthy? What are Casey’s motives? What will be the consequences of the choices the players make? And where will their actions lead? In the end, the outcomes of the users’ branching conversations and ethical decisions will result in one of several possible endings―which in turn will dovetail neatly with the beginning of the Transcendence film itself.